Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paris Latest: Photographs circa 1920s ~ 1970s

Picking up the posting thread begun after my trip to the Paris Paper Show in October, here, and in the next few posts, is a selection of material from that trip. Most of the photographs listed here will soon be available in my eBay store.

(above) Three stocking'ed lambs who have lost their way. 
Photographer unknown; circa early 1930s. SOLD

 Large format 7" x 9" photograph by PC Paris Studio, circa 1925.

(above & below) Large format 7" x 9" photographs; Biederer Studio, circa 1925.
Above: SOLD

Olga Vlassics, Manasse Studio, Vienna; circa 1930.

Club Tabarin Can-Can dancers, circa late 1940s; unknown photographer.

 (above & below) Strippers photographed by Le Fouton, Geneve 
(Switzerland), circa mid-1950s. Both SOLD

 Tattooed man, circa mid-1950s; photographer unknown; provenance: 
Jacques de la Rue collection.

Two photographs Les Sebastos: La Danse Apache, Paris "badboy" and partner. Photographs by Paul Koruna, circa early 1950s.

 Long-legged Parisian undressing: garters & stockings; 
photographer unknown, circa late 1940s. SOLD

 Nude study; John Everard, Camera Studies Club; London, circa early 1950s.

 Set of five photographs by Roger Davis with the original wrapper; 
England, circa early 1960s. 

 Corset + fetish boots; Selbee Publications, New York; photographer 
unknown, circa early 1960s. SOLD

Four color Polaroids; amateur French photographs, circa late 1970s.
Two SOLD + others available

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