Sunday, August 18, 2013

New York Art Book Fair: Books Rare and Unusual

Highlights of the rare, unusual and out-of-print books to be offered at the Art Book Fair. Includes a selection of primarily international publications circa 1961~2001. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to additional listings.

Above, Akt 1969 Stephensen Verlag (Beata Uhse) Germany,1968

Gunter Rambow La Promenade de Konig Immerlustik Germany, 1968

Terry Richardson Feared by Men, Desired by Women Signed and 
inscribed limited edition. London, 2000

The Wonderful Webbers Los Angeles, 1967

Petter Hegre Russian Lolita Germany, 2000

A.A.Dutton The Great Stone Tit  Arizona, 1974

Hotlove Germany, circa 1974

Charles Stewart Nus de Harlem Paris, 1961

Eintritt Frei Strip-Tease Germany, 1963

Eva 1 & Eva 2 Germany, 1966

Annie Sprinkle Post Porn Moderist "titted" and signed on the 
tit-le page. Amsterdam, 1991 (first edition)

Jean-Marc Milliere Grains de Beaute Sweden, 2001

Dr.Ernst Schertel Fetisch und Fantasie Germany, 
circa 1972 (reprint)

D.S.Ramamurthi Nus de L'Inde Paris, 1966

Benjamin Peret Louis Aragon Man Ray 1929 
Paris,1996 (reprint)

NB: this preview contains materials reserved 
for purchase at the art book fair and are not available for prior sale
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Vasta Images/Books is an international dealer, based in New York City, specializing in the body, the nude and the erotic arts. Focus for the fair will be books, periodicals, photographs and ephemera, circa 1960s~2000s in our areas of specialty. Additionally featured will be material from the collection of the late John McWhinnie by arrangement with his estate.

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