Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tijuana Bibles: The Fuller Brush Man 1930s Complete Set

Tijuana bibles, 8-pagers (the French call them "dirtys") were mail order booklets, made in a small format perfect for inside-jacket-pocket. Usually depicting a movie star, world leader or gangster engaged in "hot sex" (start to finish in 8 pages) these, one time scandalous underground productions, sprang to life in the 1930s. Many experts in the comic book world credit 8-pagers as the genesis for the sexually explicit, underground comics of the late 1960s. 

Frequently "pirated", copied and reprinted, collectors are always looking to upgrade to the original printings usually identifiable by the paper, print quality and placement of the (single) staple binding. Eventually Tijuana bibles became bedding material for many a collection of "sock-draw" smut. 

Here is a rare group of original printings, a continuous series numbered one through ten and is probably a complete set of The Adventures of the Fuller Brush Man series. 

Click American clandestine erotic "readers"           

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