Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog Post/Image Post.2

Vasta Images/Books is me Joseph Vasta.

I have been in the rare book and photographs trade as an international buyer and seller since 1984. I travel between my home in New York City and Europe, primarily Paris, since converting, over 25 years ago, my collection into inventory of material for sale. Along the way I became eBay seller "roseros" and in the prior three years, eBay store seller Vasta Images/Books, the original name of my business, dating back to the first catalogue I published in 1985. There is a link above that will connect you directly to my eBay store's homepage filled with approx.1,500 items for sale.

Photograph by Hajek-Halke from the German portfolio Das Deutsche Aktwerk
Berlin: Bruno Schultz Verlag, 1938

My rationale for this post is to share with you, the blogspot users in particular and the internet in general, rare and unusual images from my archives.

I promise I will NOT blog about and post endless pictures of my unbelievable Christmas decorations or my two adorable children or my faithful border collie or that amazing cruise to nowhere I just returned from with my third wife; I will never post my vacation photographs or my mother's recipe for the best fruit cake or link you up to that incredible pizza place in Florence, right on the other side of the....

I do promise to post rare and unusual images including books, photographs, periodicals, posters, postcards and other paper ephemera as well as three dimensional objects and original artworks in an attempt to share imagery to make your eyes very happy and possibly, show you material that you've not previously seen!

The material will be primarily from the areas mentioned in the mission statement on the right side of this page.  It will include items created from the mid-19th century to today.
The focus will be on European material from between the two world wars, circa 1915 to circa 1950. The posts will be thematic and will contain multiple images.

NB: click on any image and the enlarged version will open in the same window

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