Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Elmer Batters TOP OF THE HOSE Photographs late 1950s

The king of the Royal Order of the Garter, Elmer Batters one was one of the first truly talented photographers to train his camera on the female form. His trademark: gorgeous southern California models posed in panties, garter belts, stockings and high heels is unmistakable. Taschen books brought his name into pop culture but to collector's and lovers of "leg language" he was already the garter belt king.

He started his own publications circa 1958 with Black Silk Stockings and Leg-O-Rama and went on to work for Parliament Publications helping to create classic titles such as Tip Top and Nylon Jungle both which were synonymous with Batters' focus: "From the Tip of the Toes to the Top of the Hose". Here, from deep in the archives, are a handful of vintage 8x10" photographs featuring Batter's late 1950s photographs as well as some of his favorite models.
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Note the Honeymooners on the TV Ralph, Norton and Trixie

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