Friday, May 23, 2014

French ROMAIN POLICIER Editions de la Tarente 1950s

Voluptueux Chantage by Gerald Rose is one of the 54 books in a series of "romain policier" published by Editions de la Tarente, Marseille, 1953. Each of the books has a sexy, black & red cover illustration, a collaboration by the Girodon brothers, Raoul and Robert. Raoul who used the name Aslan later in his career, became one of the most well known pin-up, glamour illustrators of the 1960s and '70s. He is best known for his associated with Lui, the Playboy magazine of France and in turn making him the French Alberto Vargas.  

Editions de la Tarente books are sleazy "crime novels" published in paperback form and devoted to sex, drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities. The covers are wonderfully stylized with seductive femme fatales showing lots of legs and lingerie. Click for the Editions de la Tarente books in my eBay store. My favorite of the group Frissons de Joie.

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