Sunday, May 25, 2014

TIJUANA BIBLES A Miscellany 1930s ~ 1950

The  Tijuana Bible first appeared in the 1930s and was the inspiration for comic books the would soon be flooding newsstands. These small format, eight-page booklets of illustrated erotic stories were know simultaneously as eight-pagers, dirty comics and 2 x 4s. They feature film stars, gangsters, criminals, world leaders and especially comic strip characters all of whom were extreme horny and constantly in need of "knocking off a piece". Favorite characters include Popeye, Mae West, John Dillinger, Orphan Annie, Maggie and Jiggs, Smilin' Jack and the ever diligent door to door salesman, The Fuller Brush Man.

Posted here are examples of some typical original covers as well as scans showing the internal artwork. At the end are a few examples of the much rarer 16-pagers, created in a larger format and consistently displaying some of the best artwork. Click for an excellent wikipedia entry about Tijuana Bibles.

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