Saturday, May 24, 2014

French Amateur COLOR Photos NUDES 1980s~1990s

About 15 years ago I arrive in Paris and my first stop, as always, was the erotica gallery Larmes d'Eros. They specialize in vintage and rare collectible books, photographs, periodicals ~ all things erotic. What had just arrived at the gallery a few days prior was an enormous collection of color photographs of gorgeous French women circa 1980s to the 1990s. All the photographs were shot by a talented amateur inside a nicely decorated apartment. Over the years it was easy to see the improvement in the images as the photographer grew more competent and more importantly, more confident as he moved closer to his subjects. His photographs became more intimate, the women more engaged.

There were thousands of photographs. The vast majority not very interesting. However the ones that did stand out were from the later period and were of course to my subjective eyes, the most beautiful and most seductive posers. 

Now here's the great part of the story, the source of the collection. It was the creation of an older gentleman who was a client of the gallery, a serious collector of illustrated French books, circa 1920s/'30s. When he died suddenly the family contacted the gallery and inquired if they were interested in buying the collection. An appointment was made. It was all very interesting material and he arranged to return to take a closer look and make an evaluation.

When he returned he was told that there was one large bureau with numerous draws that could not be opened. He was left to try his luck at getting it open. When he did he discovered "papa's" collection of thousands of photographs and their negatives, of lovely youthful French women posed nude. It was obviously the deceased client's collection and creation, one which the family knew nothing about. Papa's big secret! Somehow the deceased had engaged in photographing these gorgeous creature, no doubt at a location unknown to the family, clandestinely and obsessively. The family was shocked and appalled and asked my colleague to take them away as soon as possible. 

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