Friday, May 23, 2014

JACK THE BINDER Breast Fetishism Photos LONDON 1960s

One of the cult figures of the English erotic underground is a gent known as "Jack the Binder". He was a photographer, obsessed with huge breasted women as well as pregnant women, especially when lactating. He liked to pose the women with their breasts bound with rope or with his hands shown in the photos fondling their breasts. Either way he established a very particular point of view, leaving a lasting and distinct impression of perversion.

According to an English collector and client, The Binder had arrangements to provide his wares to adult shops in London's Soho district, circa 1960s. Because of English law, which banned nudity, the Binder's photographs were forbidden and sold illegally "under-the-counter". My client, whose uncle ran one of the adult shops at the time, was a kid when he first saw The Binder's clandestine photographs and remembers overhearing stories about him and his run-ins with the police. To this day he is an avid collector of The Binder's images, searching for his favorite models. Click for Jack The Binder in my eBay store.

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