Saturday, January 5, 2013

GERMAN Naturism & BODY Culture: Ideale Nacktheit 1920s

The concept of Ideale Nacktheit ([The] Naked Ideal) was not a new one in the 'teens and twenties when these annuals filled with photographs and illustrations were published in Dresden, Germany. The core concepts of natural living and self improvement through physical culture reached back to the beginning of the 19th century. However it was the aftermath of WWI in German that created fertile ground for concepts that attempted to wipe away the horror of the conflict and rebuild the land and the people.

Published by Verlag Die Schonheit and edited by Richard Giesecke, these "picture" annuals culled photographs that had appeared throughout the year in the monthly issues of Die Schonheit magazine. Contributors included Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, Gerhard Reibecke, G.L.Arlaud, Von Jan and H.Wegert. First appearance of this annual was circa 1920 and I have seen nine annuals in the series. Much more to read and explore here.


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