Sunday, January 20, 2013

JAMBES + FRIVOLITES Rare Parisian Magazines 1930

I keep coming back to the most essential place and period for the material I have been collecting, buying and selling for almost 30 years: Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. It is the fountain of publications with a certain style, a certain seductiveness; the illusive "je ne sais quoi". Here is Frivolites Parisiennes a "one shot" publication, beautifully printed in dark burgundy toned gravure and featuring a hand full of Diana Slip lingerie company photographs by Roger Schall and Brassai. Quite rare!

And Jambes, the first of three issues published. A rare bird indeed, featuring revealing photographs of legs, shoes, boots, stockings tops and garter belts as well as raised skirts showing off frilly panties and lingerie. Happily, views looking-up at legs on ladders is also a feature. The precursor to what would follow almost 30 years later on the pages of Elmer Batters' Black Silk Stocking magazines. Published by Paris-Photo, the photographs credited to Paris-Photo Studio.


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