Saturday, January 5, 2013

KRAMPUS Postcards: Devilish Anti-Santa 1900-1940s

There is only naughty when it comes to the christmas holiday and krampus, there is no nice! And it's not just about coal in your stocking. He might beat you with his birch branch, put you in his basket and take you to his cave or decent into hell; he might even steal your girlfriend or wife who will immediately fall under his spell. He is a horned and often, cloven hoofed bad boy. Posted today, a group of German and Austrian krampus postcards, circa 1900 to the 1940s, from the archives.

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He may play the sax.

He is not immune to old age and sadness.

Even cupid can feel the wrath of krampus!

Rare circa 1900 Belgian krampus with a heavily embossed seal, upper left corner depicting an angel subduing the devilish one. Printed in a style similar to the exceptional 
O.P.F. cards published in Austria.

Straight to hell!

Riding the birch.

Yes there are female krampuses, though rarely seen.


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