Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ORTIES BLANCHES Flagellation Novels 1917~1939

The Collection des Orties Blanches (White Nettles) story starts in 1917 and continues for 22 years until 1939 when many "libertine" pursuits in Paris came to end due to the impending war, occupation of France. The editor of these illustrated flagellation novels was Jean Fort. The writers, most using pseudonyms, included Doctor Fowler and Sadie Blackeyes (Pierre Dumarchy widely known as Pierre MacOrlan), Florence Fulbert, Rene-Michel Desergy, Jean Claqueret, Jacques d'Icy, Daisy Lennox and numerous others. Illustrators included Jim Black, Louis Malteste, George Topfer (click here to see three original artworks by Topfer in my eBay store), Leon Pierre, Dagy (Daniel Girard), Fontana (Leo Fontan), Carlo, J-X. Dumoulin and Herick (actually Herric; real name Cheri Herouard).

Story lines were basically the same throughout: female domination of men and women, bondage, humiliation, fetishism, spanking, corporeal punishment, sado-masochism, flogging and "birching". More information here on the bibliographic website dedicated to erotic books and curiosa.


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