Saturday, January 5, 2013

MAX ERNST Une Semaine de Bonte 1934 Part Two

Part Two
Presented here are individual pages from the original 1934 publication of Max Ernst's incredible surrealist novel in collage Une Semaine de Bonte (A Week of Kindness). Created using collaged images found in books, this amazing story without words, complete in five volumes, was created in just three weeks during Ernst's visit to Italy in 1933.

The surreal, fantastic imagery revolves around the life and death of mere mortals coming into contact with creatures created with scissors and Ernst's vivid imagination. The scans posted here are of the original printed pages which were "overruns" from the printer and never bound into the finished books. A large lot of these unbound pages were purchased from the estate of English artist and designer, Roland Penrose by a London bookseller. It is from the London bookseller that I purchased these pages, all of which have been previously sold.

Click here for more about Ernst's Une Semaine de Bonte.


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